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First thought when watching Japanese gay porn shouldn't be 'JESUS BOY YOU'RE SKINNY!!'

They're Japanese. What do I expect? >_>

That's all. =/

Also. Went swimming. In the sea. In September. 8DDD I feel proud. >_>
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I HATE Thunder.

Over 10 000 lightning bolts in two hours? Yeah, I can believe that. And they were so DAMN LOUD. And one lightning struck and left the entire freaking island without power for hours. >.<
I hate thunder (well, not so much the thunder, but the lightning), I hate it I hate it I hate it!!

Apparently someone drowned down at the harbor, Wednesday evening. Yeah. =/
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Today was the wrap-up for this project I was semi-employed to. It ended with a small fair, plus a talent song show. (Very minor, mind, but still. :D) 17 girls (lol no boys made it to the finals) who sang a song each, and then seven of them gained some sort of prize.

It was held in S:t Nicolai (link is in Swedish, but there are pictures.) and there were a few guest performances there. For example:

Andrés Esteche


Olle Hedberg.

PLUS, a really, really nice dinner. And the kicker? Pär treated me and Marie to everything. I think I saved almost $100 there. >.>
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Looks like this new anime No.6 is going to make me very happy. >_> The two main boys have VERY strong hints with each other. (SHIPPING ALREADY and it's only the first episode >_> Yeah. ♥) And I like the setting. /o/

Work was... A lot better than I expected for a Full Day and then some. It was actually fun. ♥


Counting down to Deathly Hallows Pt.2. >_>
KRF - Gen &amp; Kengo Magnet


Well. Work was... mildly insane today. >_>

New girl on the job. She's really sweet. And omg young! (16 years old)

And then our boss had to leave for a while. (It's the Almedalen Week right now, and it's packed with people. >_>) We have a teeny tiny coffee shop down at the University during this week. Yeah.

And our cash register ran out of paper. Of course. Neither new girl nor I knew how to change it. ... So we had to deal with the orders manually. Shouldn't be a problem, right? Wrong. Because we couldn't open up the money drawer. >.> So. No exchange. =/

Somehow we managed. IDK even know how. ~.~ And then, just before going home (after closing time) we had to sort out a bunch of strawberries gone bad. Just gonna say EWWWWWWWWW >.< I'm not even all that keen on strawberries. XD;;

Yeah, it was a fun day though. Even if it was EXHAUSTING. /o/;;