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I probably should post here more often because I do think my Dreamwidth layout is prettier than my LJ one. Hohohum.

I am not ready to migrate just yet though.

BLUH. I wanna roleplay Ciel Phantomhive somewhere. BUT. I hate writing applications. And keeping up with big games. So.... Yeah. =/ Meh.

I should just focus on the tags I owe people. >_>
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What I've done today:

RP-ed for bokurano_rp as per usual. >:3

Went to see Toy Story 3. The funny thing? I haven't watched the first two parts. ^^;; It was neat, they had changed all the text (signs, letters and stuff) into Swedish. 8D I like it when dubbers really take their time with their work. O.o Seamless <3

Started writing for top_cagnotte~ Can't say more than that it is Tezuka/Fuji and it's going to be ANGSTY. Capital letters. >_> I need it; I haven't tortured Fuji properly in a loooooooong time. >:3 Nowadays Jun gets his share of that torture instead. (And Ryoma in tenicamp. >_>;;)

I'm playing Natsuo Sagan (Loveless) in the Bokurano rp. And I'm using Natsuo as a PB for Kin-chan in potbeach. It's confusing. XD

I sort of wanna play Juliet somewhere. But that would mean me sitting down and screencapping the hell out of the Air Gear musical. *lazy* And he would need his Romeo. I think. =0

Also rereading Margit Sandemo's 'Spindelväv' (spider web). In Margit's way, it touches pretty serious subjects. Like, neglect/abuse in an orphanage. And she had this guy point out that it was mostly the men working at the orphanage that were evil. So, with knowing a bit about how she writes (having read over 100 books by her) I think it's pretty safe to say they were sexually abusive as well. Towards girls and boys. In a Margit Sandemo book. That's pretty amazing. (And uh. Ties in very well with one of the plots in the Bokurano RP.) >_> Actually borrowing quite a lot from Tom (the guy who said that) when I portray Midou Ban (Getbackers) in the RP. While trying to keep Ban in character. Which is pretty difficult since it's been years since I watched Getbackers, and I'm too lazy to rewatch. >_>;;
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Well, I'm playing Chibiusa (among others) over at imaboku, and I started thinking.

In the Swedish dub, she's called Chibusa (which is very, very weird.)

They've renamed Usagi, calling her 'Annie'.

Why couldn't they call Chibiusa 'Lillan'? I mean, it's a pun. Lillan is a pet name, yes, kinda like sweet heart or darling, and it means 'little one'. BUT. if you wrote it like this: Lill-Ann, it would be 'little Ann' aka 'Annie'. It totally would have worked the same way Chibiusa 'works'. >_>;;

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Short pointless post of the day:

Been plowing through Torchwood - yup, finally discovered it.

Hiruko is easily one of the sexiest guys Watase Yuu has ever created! ^_^ *is reading Arata Kangatari* I'm also getting CLAMP vibes from him. Did ever since he showed.

And yeah. I can has new car~! ♥
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Through my LARP-ing... I came to think of something.

POOR AMERICA!!! You guys don't really have a proper country name! Mexico is called Mexico, Canada is called Canada, and you're just The United States of America. And America happens to be your continent. O.o

Random Gottis is Random. =O
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I will not click another link in TV-tropes. I've already been stuck there for hours, and I'm drunk. I'm gonna lie down. D:
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No money

Will get money tomorrow

Still hungry

Soon it's MIDSUMMER!!! =D =D =D =D Yay, party~ ♥

I'm actually enjoying the class I'm attending.

My new wallpaper is Eiji's look in Naniwa Oujisama. 8D ♥

Actually did the home assignment. O.o

Replaying Final Fantasy 8. L.A.G.U.N.A~!!!

Roleplaying Tenipuri a lot.

Feel like I'm neglecting my Sieben muses. ;.; And I wanna play with them, but... Argh. I need to poke Jun soon at least. >.>

Hungry. I don't even know what I have in the fridge at home. Fishsticks, I think? >.> Blah.

Also have FF8 at home. LAGUNA!!!!!! *cough*

I have now watched the three first seasons of Supernatural (DEAN!!!) and season 1 and 3 of House. Which is pretty random. Also seen the first season of Dexter.

And I watched a program on Viasat Nature yesterday about moose. And it was shot in Sweden and everyone who worked on it were Swedes... But the speaker was English. ^^;;

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Miyano Mamoru, congrats~ ♥

I'm bored and miss people. T_T

Anyone who feels confident in English, would you like to Beta a Tezuka/Fuji fic that's due December 15th? PLEASE? ;_;

I've been playing KH1 & 2 plus FF12 like crazy. Yeah. ^^

And yesterday me and Marie went over to Gerd and made Saffron buns~ ♥ And drank wine and chatted and made hot dogs by her fireplace. Coooooooooooozy~ ♥

Also. My monitor is broken I think. So now I can't even use my computer for writing/playing the Harp/listen to music/ whatever. >.>

15 days to my birthday!

I have TWO dentist appointments this month. Yay.