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First of all. Wow, I always forget that Nagayama Takashi is only barely a month older than me~ 8D

Anyway. Stupidity, your name is Gottis. >_>

I just spent 7 hours at work - I usually work 4 hours, right? - and most of that time was spent driving. I could have cut that time down. A LOT.

If I at first remembered where Suderbys Herrgård was. I've been driving past that place I don't know how many times on my way to Tofta Beach, right? Right. And still I forgot, and went on my merry way towards Dalhem/Kräklingbo or something. Like the exact opposite side of the island or something. (Well, not really, but almost.) And then, while I still was out in that direction, I could have stopped by Bara and Katthammarsvik, where I also had to make stops, but did I do that? NOOOOOOO. Drove back to Visby and then towards Tofta instead. Then went to Hejde, När and then to Katthammarsvik. ROUNDABOUT WAY MUCH?? Ugh. >_____>

Next time, I need to check the map a little bit better, yes.

(Oh, and apparently I'm driving out to Ronehamn tomorrow. ... I need to check where that is. It's the northern part of the island, right? Uh. Yeah, Google, here I come~!)

Edit: No. It's south. Southeast of Hemse. >_> Okay, that's good to know...
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Och Sverige, snälla ge fan i att skicka såna kalkoner till tävlingen i fortsättningen? SNÄÄÄÄÄLLA? D= Vi har sugit i flera år nu. (Och jag tycker fortfarande att Nanne Grönvalls 'Avundsjuk' skulle ha vunnit för 11 år sedan. D= )

Jag har pengar! Så, jag har köpt Supernatural säsong 3 och House säsong 3. 8D Plus en ungdomsbok som jag smygläste lite i när jag var i bokhandeln. Och så KLART ramlar jag på ett avsnitt där den manlige huvudpersonen blir våldtagen. 8D;;; Yay?
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So. My house is going to be taken from me. I don't know when, but it's gonna happen soon. The good thing is that I think social services are gonna help me find an apartment to live in, and that would mean I'd get a new internet + tv. And I'm not gonna have to move the humongous lawn, or tend to the garden at ALL. The downside is move-cleaning, what's gonna happen to my cats, and am I still going to be able to barbecue in the summer? All in all, I'm hoping it will turn out for the best, even though it really doesn't feel all that great right now.

I'm also applying to have someone help me with the economics and legal stuff and whatnot, because I can't manage on my own. I kinda phail at being an adult, I'm afraid. >.>;;; Think I still need someone to parent me, because they died too fast, and I didn't have time to adapt. And then I was just alone, and uhm... It hasn't been working out all that well, has it? Also, gonna see a doctor. I need sleeping pills, or at least someone who tells me professionally that I'm not emotionally well. Because I'm not. -_-;;

ANYWAY. On a happier note:

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8D Are we surprised?
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Miyano Mamoru, congrats~ ♥

I'm bored and miss people. T_T

Anyone who feels confident in English, would you like to Beta a Tezuka/Fuji fic that's due December 15th? PLEASE? ;_;

I've been playing KH1 & 2 plus FF12 like crazy. Yeah. ^^

And yesterday me and Marie went over to Gerd and made Saffron buns~ ♥ And drank wine and chatted and made hot dogs by her fireplace. Coooooooooooozy~ ♥

Also. My monitor is broken I think. So now I can't even use my computer for writing/playing the Harp/listen to music/ whatever. >.>

15 days to my birthday!

I have TWO dentist appointments this month. Yay.