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From insane_desire... Because I'm bored. >.>

First, write down the names of 12 characters. Then read and answer the questions. Don't look at the questions until you write down the 12 characters you're going to use:

1. Ushiro Jun
2. Baltiher
3. Fuji Syuusuke
4. Larsa Solidor
5. Ciel Phantomhive
6. Echizen Ryoma
7. Buffy Summers
8. Riku
9. Shiraishi Kuranosuke
10. Waku Takashi
11. Tezuka Kunimitsu
12. Yukimura Seiichi

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And I'm lazybutt, so the rest of the questions will have to wait.

But anyway. ^_^;;
KRF - Gen & Kengo Magnet


Finished Final Fantasy 13.

Uhm... Well. The gameplay was confusing at times, the final boss was a pain in the ass, and the story wasn't quite my cup of tea. The female characters rocked, however, especially Lightning and Fang. Vanille was cute, I guess. Serah and Snow left me mostly meh. Zash was kickass papa bear, and Hope really grew on me. (Helps that he was my most useful healer/synergist.) The game was boring a lot of times, for me, and I put it away for over a month one time. Had some fun CP farming in the later parts though, especially when I could kill a King Behemoth in just 20 seconds. That's rad. Really not as adorable as FF 10 or as adorkable as FF 10-2. And truly, Final Fantasy 12 it is not.

Man, I really do love that game. And the characters. And the gameplay. (Yay, gambits!) And the story is just epic and grand and *__________* Yeah. Love it. Been reading the scanlated FF12 manga lately. Sweet, sweet things~ (Now I only wait for Larsa to show. *_*) And one thing that 12 has that 13 doesn't, at least in my opinion, is side characters that stick. Larsa, Cid, Al-Cid, Vayne, Jote, Reddas, the judges and even Ba'gamnan (or what's-his-name). Sure, 13 had a Cid too, but I barely even remember him. >_> Hurpdurp.
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I'm crying over a scene in Final Fantasy 13. Never thought I'd do that. >_>

Oh well... DAMMIT FANG & VANILLE! ;_______; You girls are awesome. (Lightning too, but she's not in that scene so orz)

Right now my main party is Fang/Sazh/Hope. Because Synergists are a good thing. Plus, Hope's great as a ravager/medic as well. Highest magic stats of all my characters. Yeah. >_>

HAH A boy is the classic white mage in this game~ XD ♥ And two of the girls are the best fighters; Fang and Lightning. How awesome is that! =D
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So. Liek. I'm now playing Gakuto over at tenicamp. WTF am I smoking?! T_T The only other Gakuto I've ever played is the dorky little disaster over at all_crossed_out. And we all know how much crap he's been doing. (Or at least zmecka knows? XD;;) Well. New!Gakuto WILL be more mature or I'll kill him. >_> Really. (Since I need someone more... I don't know... normal(???) after EMO!Fuji and SNARKY!VERYHAPPY!IJUSTGOTLAID!Ryoma. :/;; Blah. We'll see. ^^;;

And yes. Of course I have an Oz muse. But I don't know if I feel comfortable enough to play Pandora Hearts yet. ;.;

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No money

Will get money tomorrow

Still hungry

Soon it's MIDSUMMER!!! =D =D =D =D Yay, party~ ♥

I'm actually enjoying the class I'm attending.

My new wallpaper is Eiji's look in Naniwa Oujisama. 8D ♥

Actually did the home assignment. O.o

Replaying Final Fantasy 8. L.A.G.U.N.A~!!!

Roleplaying Tenipuri a lot.

Feel like I'm neglecting my Sieben muses. ;.; And I wanna play with them, but... Argh. I need to poke Jun soon at least. >.>

Hungry. I don't even know what I have in the fridge at home. Fishsticks, I think? >.> Blah.

Also have FF8 at home. LAGUNA!!!!!! *cough*

I have now watched the three first seasons of Supernatural (DEAN!!!) and season 1 and 3 of House. Which is pretty random. Also seen the first season of Dexter.

And I watched a program on Viasat Nature yesterday about moose. And it was shot in Sweden and everyone who worked on it were Swedes... But the speaker was English. ^^;;

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So. The day before yesterday there was a car accident just outside where I live. A family with three kids and two parents. And the daddy... Was in my class in High School. Yeah. They were fairly all right, but the mom was hurt. :/ Two ambulances, two police cars and one fire wagon were dispatched, and yeah. All because it's cold and icy on the roads.

And yesterday I slipped and hurt my butt. ;o;

And I'm nearly snowed in, but I still have to be able to get to town and RP, don't I? ;o; Stupid advent_princes muses kicking themselves alive, along with my Prince of the Mist muses. (Hello, Esper!Fuji, how are you doooooooooooing? >.> And Skypirate!Yukimura. Orz.) Damn all those Fina Fantasy crossovers. >.> ♥♥♥ (Why I have a Koharu muse is beyond me. And he won't go away. And he has plans. For my Ancient!Eiji. And others. Blah. :| )

And tenicamp is EXHAUSTING. But FUN FUN FUN. (And I keep wanting to write FUJI. No wonder. -_-;;;)
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Miyano Mamoru, congrats~ ♥

I'm bored and miss people. T_T

Anyone who feels confident in English, would you like to Beta a Tezuka/Fuji fic that's due December 15th? PLEASE? ;_;

I've been playing KH1 & 2 plus FF12 like crazy. Yeah. ^^

And yesterday me and Marie went over to Gerd and made Saffron buns~ ♥ And drank wine and chatted and made hot dogs by her fireplace. Coooooooooooozy~ ♥

Also. My monitor is broken I think. So now I can't even use my computer for writing/playing the Harp/listen to music/ whatever. >.>

15 days to my birthday!

I have TWO dentist appointments this month. Yay.