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So. My house is going to be taken from me. I don't know when, but it's gonna happen soon. The good thing is that I think social services are gonna help me find an apartment to live in, and that would mean I'd get a new internet + tv. And I'm not gonna have to move the humongous lawn, or tend to the garden at ALL. The downside is move-cleaning, what's gonna happen to my cats, and am I still going to be able to barbecue in the summer? All in all, I'm hoping it will turn out for the best, even though it really doesn't feel all that great right now.

I'm also applying to have someone help me with the economics and legal stuff and whatnot, because I can't manage on my own. I kinda phail at being an adult, I'm afraid. >.>;;; Think I still need someone to parent me, because they died too fast, and I didn't have time to adapt. And then I was just alone, and uhm... It hasn't been working out all that well, has it? Also, gonna see a doctor. I need sleeping pills, or at least someone who tells me professionally that I'm not emotionally well. Because I'm not. -_-;;

ANYWAY. On a happier note:

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8D Are we surprised?
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My car's kinda completely dead, so it's a bitch for me to manage to get into town and into a working internet accessible computer. ;_; *hates on the world* In fact, when I found out that my car doesn't work, this Monday, I broke down and cried buckets. >.> I even very pathetically called my aunt and sobbed my eyes out into the phone. Whoa, disturbing image right there... >.>;; Anyway, I talked to a shrink today, and after just one talk he came to the conclusion that I'm not depressed, but I am an a melancholy state. Or something like that. Well, no shit? X_x;; I hate bawling like a little kid, but it came far too easy. Yeah.

Onto happier things~ ♥

kalamitykat!!! ♥♥♥OMG I love you, girl!!! *_________* I got your package on Friday. And. And. And...!!! Let the Right one In?! USB???!!!!!! *whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine* You're all kinds of awesome and purdy and and and and.... ;_____________; ILU ♥♥♥
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About 5000 SEK. That's how much I have to pay before I get the nets back. (3000 of that money is just deposition money, but still... -_-;;) And seriously. I'm getting anxiety attacks from this. Minor ones, but still. Can't sleep. Depressed. All the good stuffs. Most of it comes from feeling so isolated though, and that you're less of a human being if you don't have enough money, and if the The Swedish Enforcement Administration has put one or several credit scores on you, you're busted and really not worth much. Ugh. I know, I know, I've put myself in this position, but that doesn't really make me feel any better about the whole mess. Guh. Just needed to get that off my chest.
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Okej, hur i helvete ska jag lyckas få fram över 7000 spänn för att lyckas betala allt som ligger hos inkasso och kronofogden? HELVETE!!! Jag vill ha mitt internet tillbaka NU TACK Helvetes jävla skit och fan också... >.< Jag menar, visst, mitt fel, jag borde ha betalt allt i tid och så där, men vad i helvete? Kräva att jag ska betala skulderna för mitt fasta telefoni plus mitt bredband innan de kopplar på mitt bredband igen? Visst, jag fattar att det säkert är rätt och att de kan göra så och allting, och att människor säkert har värre problem än internet abstinens, men vad i helvete! Det är mitt sociala liv vi snackar om här. Fan, jag har typ gråtit floder idag för jag såg fram emot att kunna surfa som vanligt igen idag, men ne-hej. Inte en chans. Så jag antar att jag bara blev så jävla besviken. Ugh, jag vet, det är sorgligt att mitt liv kretsar runt internet så här, men vad fan... URK. Jag behöver ett jobb. Jag behöver en inkomst som övergår 4000 spänn i månaden. Och jag behöver det förra månaden. Typ. *depp*

The Swedish rant? Long story short. Still no Internet. And it might take TIME before I get it back. FAIL. T_T
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Johan Palm! ♥

... And I told myself I wouldn't ever be following Swedish Idol. ._.;; I blame it on the fact that this kid reminds me SO MUCH of my ideal (fanon) version of Ishida Yamato from Digimon. >.> Uhm. Yes. Now back to working on my Subrosa fic. Only like 1000 words left. And no AIM until I'm finished. :|
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Oh, world...

Another shooting in Finland. Close to Vasa. I've been to Vasa. Sometimes I think humanity is far too insane to be allowed out on the streets. Really. And why does things like these happen? We might never know. Maybe it's that the government don't take enough action. Maybe money's the issue. Maybe it's all kinds of different media's fault... Or maybe some people are just born without that little extra wall inside them that prevents them from acting out on their urges. It happens, again and again and again; murderers, rapists, abusers... You name it. Some people just don't... click where they should. And that's the sad part.


I........ really haven't been writing here for quite some time. Why? Nothing to write about. All I do is rp, play videogames, read and uh... rp. :x I bought part 2 and 3 of the Dark Tower in Swedish (paper back), I've bought a lot of Manga (Did I mention that we have Death Note in Swedish now? =DDD ) and uhm... Just trying to make ends meet as usual, since I still have no job, aka no real money to talk about. I managed to finish my fic for pot_bth, I'm trying to do something for Subrosa, but I don't know what... And the deadline is closing in. I've started on my santa_smex fic, and should probably start plotting something for my Christmas Cacti fic. Why oh why do I sign up for these kind of things when I know I fail at sitting down and writing something that isn't a roleplay? :x Because I want the fics in return, duh... XD

Speaking of Roleplays. I've joined an original character Digimon messageboard roleplay. =O People, if you like OCs, Digimon and can stand rp-ing via that medium, Check it out! =D

Also. Tommy (my cousin) and Joyce (His wife) had their baby boy this Saturday! ^_^ CONGRATULATIONS! ♥ ♥ ♥
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Dear Gottis.

Please remember to pay your internet bills. You know what happens when you don't? They shut down the Internet. Please let this be a reminder in the future.

Love, Gottis.

Also... Death Note Manga in Swedish? HELL YES! *_*
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