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SHIN Prince of Tennis

Copied from my tumblr, but...



omg the amount of Ryoma & Kintarou made me SO HAPPY

FUCK YEAH I love seeing Ryoma being beat up!! » Uh. I mean… NO I WON’T APOLOGIZE - Smack him good, Mifune! That’s what he gets for flirting with you when he should be focusing on TENNIS

How many people actually had lines in this episode?? EVEN RICHARD SAKATA



… is it next week yet? >_>
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Episode 4~

All I've gotta say is...

Ryoma. Would you stop undressing Tokugawa with your eyes already? JEEZ. THINK OF MOMO/TEZUKA/KINTAROU/WHOEVER XDD I am very, very amused. >_> (That Tokugawa is voiced by Sebastian's (Kuroshitsuji) seiyuu is definitely a plus. ... They even look alike. Kind of.)

And I enjoyed the Atobe/Hiyoshi and Tezuka/Kaidou matches a lot more than I thought I would. *v*
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lol lol yukimura/ryoma non-con drabble lol

What it says on the tin. But seriously. When dropping Marie off... First we watched the Prince of Tennis musical songs Dead End, Kore de mo Owari kai? and Yukimura no Tennis. And then when we drove over to her place, Kent's 'Gravitation' (about an abusive relationship), Photogenique's 'Nattens Änglar' (you better play nice with vampires...) and Garbage's 'Cherry Lips' (about a VERY pretty boy) came onto my car stereo. So yeah. SO in a non-con mood. And Yukimura/Echizen is... Scrumptious. >_> (Yeah, Marie and I love to put ourselves in a non-con mood; we LOVE to torture our boys >_>;;) So here we go~

Pairing: Yukimura/Echizen
Rating: PG
Warnings: Implied non-con

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oh GOD


Was talking with impressioniste about our Yukimura and Ryoma muses from private_pot, right? They just have this great chemistry with each other and all.

Now, Ryoma is a Capricorn (being born December 24th) and Yukimura is Pisces (born March 5th). Leah has some really neat Astrological knowledge up her sleeve and she gave me this:

Pisces brings emotionalism to this relationship and teaches Capricorn how to be empathic and compassionate towards others. Capricorn shows Pisces how to be grounded, and is very quick witted and tenacious. This relationship is one that develops over time, usually without the notice of its members. Pisces is very sensitive, and Capricorn will need to be careful of not being too dominating, and crush Pisces spirit. Capricorn can also be very stubborn, but if Pisces is willing to be patient through it, this can be a lasting relationship. Both members are very interested in the domestic side of life, and Pisces is able to fulfill Capricorns need for a neat and tidy home. In fact, most Pisces love doing such things.

Yeah, that's Yukimura and Bratface right there. Creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy shit. And which is why I have a feeling we're slowly gravitating towards YukiRyoma. It's like:

Ryoma: Hey, you almost killed me but it was ten years ago and we're sensible adults now, let's get to know each other! 8D
Yukimura: Oh hai, I find you fascinating enough to write fairy tales based upon you~ :D ♥

And yeah, this sudden interest in Astrology is totally prompted by my little Tavros Nitram muse over at bokurano_rp HOMESTUCK IS TAKING OVER OUR LIVES INDEED

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Who thought I'd develop an Irie Kanata-muse?

... Okay, quite honestly, who didn't? I mean... Blonde. Trickster type. Glasses. All Fuji!mysterious like.


And damn it's fun playing him off against DA's Yamato~! Older dudes from PoT FTW? (and shut up, older dudes and older dudes... ANYWAY)

And I'm getting more active Ryoma muses. There's the tenicamp/crapcamp one (never mind that I'm killing off the crapcamp!one, but ANYWAY), the private_pot one, and of course the bokurano_rp one who's screaming to me to do something with him. orz;; And I might pick up yet another Ryoma.

Seriously, bratface. Trying to steal Fuji's thunder? >>;;
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So. When I'm not RP-ing the hell out of bokurano_rp I'm doing it on tenicamp instead.

That's how many logs in how few days again? DERP

... Seriously though. Boooooo downtime at Bokurano ;.; Ruuuuuunescaaaaaaaaaaape

And trying to draw me in too. EVULZ

And uh. Pouty Ryoma icon, because eheheheheh. Tenicamp!Ryoma is NOT pleased with me right now. (Was he ever?)


(Jun, on the other hand, is still almost pleased with me. For once.)