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Winter Season

Still haven't decided fully on what to watch, but I can say for sure that the anime series I know I will follow are:

New Prince of Tennis
The Knight in the Area
Aquarion Evol

And the ones carrying over from last season that I will continue to follow are:

Digimon Hunters
Hunter x Hunter 2011
Phi Brain - Kami no Puzzle

No, I am not big on moe anime, so not much to watch this season. But all the more focus on what I will watch. ^.^
KRF - Gen & Kengo Magnet


So. The anime I will most definitely follow this season:

Digimon Xros Wars (of course. >_>)

Ao No Exorcist

Deadman Wonderland

Hyouge Mono



C The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

Tiger & Bunny



Yup. ^.^
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So I ordered a volume of Swedish Subbed GetBackers yesterday. It already arrived. Yeah. /o/;; Anyway, I had forgotten HOW MUCH DAMN FUN this anime is when it's being silly. Just... Brilliant. (And now I've read puns in Swedish. They were... LAME. Which was just the point, but still. Strange~ Not used to Swedish puns. XD;;) "En katt i en hatt". ... Seriously.

And Kazuki. HOT DAMN. I've forgotten just how feminine/pretty/bishounen he is. I WANT THAT ASS AND THOSE CURVES MMKAY BOY?? ;o; Gosh, I love him~

I also ordered Swedish dubbed anime; Yu*Gi*Oh Battle City (almost 10 episodes), Galaxy Express 999 (all that's been dubbed to Swedish *_*), Lady Lady!! (same... It's only 8 episodes, but WHATEVER). And four movies (DVD box set) - 2 Year's Summer holiday, Frankenstein's Monster, Silver Fang (NOT Gin Nagareboshi Gin) and Helen Keller. Whoooooooooooo anime~! ♥ And I really love 2YSH and FM. Watched them over and over again when I was a kid.

And even when I was 9 I totally loved the fact that hey, almost everybody dies in Frankenstein. XD Lesse. Emelie, the inspector... and one more (forgot who) of all the main characters survive. That's all. >_>

Speaking of Emelie. That kid's seriously gonna need counseling after the movie. (Don't know if they had that in 19th century Switzerland. >_>) But. She watches her pet bird, her mom and her best friend get killed. (Her grandpa too? Don't remember.) And she watches the Monster get killed, whom she befriended. AND. She watches her dad throw himself of a cliff. Yeah. >__>

And going from Frankenstein's Monster to Galaxy Express 999. The woman who voices Emelie also voices Tetsurou. 8D Yeah~ ♥ ... Oh, and she also voices Jaques in 2YSH. (Speaking of the Swedish dubs here, of course.) I remember thinking it was unusual that she voiced a girl for once. (Emelie.) Earlier I had heard her in the Sandybelle dub as well, where she voiced Ricky. (And Kitty, but as she was a young woman, I didn't count that as odd. >_>) And, oh! She voiced Kate in 2YSH too. But she didn't show up until late in the movie. Jaques was in it from the beginning. (Well, he kind of HAD to be. The movie wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for him. >_>)
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Swedish dubbed Bell & Sebastian.

Well, it's been like 20 years since I saw that. WOW.

As for the voice actors. Wow. I forgot... But I hear both Bert-Åke Varg, Gunnar Ernblad and Peter Harrysson. WOW. *o*

And while we're at it:

Sandybelle ♥

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I don't like moe anime. I don't watch them unless I absolutely have to. I hate harem anime with a burning passion. (Except Kimagure Orange Road, but hey, that's my childhood.) The recent anime season has left me with little to watch.

I watch Durarara. And of course I continue to watch Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. But I'm watching Ookamikakushi, and that is a moe show. Why do I watch it? Because the horror elements (even though they're not as good as Higurashi, at least not yet.) and the simple fact that the main character, who happens to be male, is also moe like hell.

And that's where my double standards kick in, I guess. I hate shows that portray stereotypical and/or objectified female characters, but the yaoi fangirl in me loves a good little uke from time to time. Uhm. Yeah. =/ Why is that?

I'm not saying that all anime shows with a lot of female characters are bad, just look at the shoujo/josei shows, but lately, it's been all about the moe and fanservice it seems. (Ladies Vs. Butler and Chu-Bra! anyone?) I don't even wanna watch Sora no Oto because... Just imagine how much I would have loved it if the characters were boys instead! X_x;;

But for example, a series with a lot of female characters that I did enjoy: Dennou Coil. Beautiful~ ♥

But mostly, in anime, I prefer if there are a lot of guys in the cast. (In live action, I like it balanced, or with more females. It's the sap in me that loves shows like Road to Avonlea, Full House and the like.)
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My lips are completely numb. As in... I can't feel them at all. They're not there. It's weird. And I have this lingering taste of blood in my mouth. It feels like my gums start bleeding over and over and over again. Pfft. My mouth's gonna be so sore after the numbness goes away. WOE. ;_;

I think I've gotten Linda hooked on Georgie~! 8D And she bought me a sketch book and some watercolor pencils for my birthday~ We had cake and watched anime this morning~

And in my private RPG with Marie, Eiji's gotten himself a stalker. 8D Who is really jealous of Oishi. So. There will be trouble. >3 Nice stuff~

(And why is there interesting new PoT rpgs when I can't sign up for them? ;_;)

Ugh. Blood. >O

Also. Am on a Seramyu rush lately. ^_^;;
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I got inspired by _sabriel's anime nostalgia post, so I'm going to do one myself. ^_^ A couple of anime that I worshiped as a child:

Let's go with the shonen anime first. XD;; And yes, all of these I watched dubbed in Swedish, of course. ^^;;

First and foremost:

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And now for the shoujo~ ♥

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Other important 'anime' that's not really anime, but were still a BIG part of my childhood:

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And Finally, an extra treat. Since I raved about Fantastic Children before. Here~ Have the opening~ ♥

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And that's that! ^___________^