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So I just went through ALL OF MY LJ POSTS and it was a blast (and an embarrassment and a half, let me tell you...) Anyway, I came upon a post that I have NO memory of whatsoever? And it was a rather important event too, from the looks of it. WELL. At least that's a good reason to keep this journal around, if nothing else. (Yeah, I'm still on Tumblr.)
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PH - Eliot & Leo Dorks

It's a Gottis!!! :O

I haven't updated in like forever, but I'd just like to say that I hang out mostly on Tumblr nowadays, but I still check my f-list here regularly. ^^;; So... Yeah. :x
KRF - Gen & Kengo Magnet

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I haven't updated since May, oops. >_>

It's just much easier to update on Tumblr. So I'm hanging there a lot.

I'm still alive and kicking though! :D