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Yup, I'm officially sick.

How lovely. /o/;;;



Well, fuck.

Digimon Singer Kouji Wada Puts Career on Hold Due to Cancer

He's like... one of my favorite singers EVER.
... I'm just gonna call it Digimon Hunters from now on.

Anyway. Seen the first episode. The new kids?

Ryoma (kid in the icon~) is the love-child of Niou and Yagyuu, seriously.

Airu... She could become annoying. Maybe.

Ren's got his sulk ON. He's cute. (And voiced by Nene's voice actress. That's amusing. >o>)

As for our new Hero... Tagiru? He could be even more annoying than Daisuke and Hirokazu combined. Or I'm just gonna end up loving him because he's SO. STUPID. >o> Boy does try too hard.

For the 'old' kids?

Taiki is still brilliant and I know a lot of people call him a Gary-Stu, and I guess he kind of is, but I still love him.

Yuu... Isn't an evil overlord wannabe, nor is he a broken, emo little boy anymore. He's smooooooooooth. (And popular with the girls. Who knew? XD) I like~ ♥


I now have 67 Seramyu songs downloaded~ ♥ (And that's only my favorites~) I'm happy. ♥

/has 'em and choice Tenimyu songs on repeat


This is so sad. I KNOW I have a cd somewhere with a LOT of Seramyu music burned onto it.

I just can't remember WHERE.

And I really want to listen to Seramyu music right now. >>

At least I've managed to grab a few of my favorites from Shin Kaguya Shima Densetsu ;o; Toraware no Artuka T______T I can listen to this song FOREVER, I swear. ♪
Phew, that's gonna be a bitch to type out. >_>

Anyway. Since there's only one girl in the next season and five boys...

How many people are going to end up shipping Taiki and Yuu I wonder?

Can I just say I called it first? 8D? I mean, they do look pretty good together, don't they? ^.~

Digimon Xros Wars

And so it's over. (Well, until next week and the start of Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Leaping Through Time XD;;)

In one word?


Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh *__*

It all came together perfectly. ♥


It's funny, no matter how many times I watch 1 Litre of Tears... The waterworks ALWAYS start. I can't think of a single show that makes me cry so easily. =/

1 Litre of Tears Music Video

Exactly what it says on the tin:

I've wanted to make one for years. Finally. >o>

Pandora Hearts

Oh god, my heart... T_T


(Is it October yet? >_>)

Digimon Xros Wars & Pandora Hearts

Latest episode of Xros Wars?

Latest chapter of Pandora Hearts?

One line to sum it up:


I just...


Never thought I'd say this, but... Jack, you FUCK! >___>


So. I made a new anime music video. A Bokurano one. =/


Anime Music

Okay. So I like Prince of Tennis music, and love a few of the songs - Love Festival comes to mind, as does Atobe's Rakuen no Mukou E - and I love Tenimyu and Seramyu music...

But my favorite anime music HAS to be DIGIMON MUSIC. Really.

There's nothing like driving around in your car with Target ~ Akai Shougeki ~ blasting from your speakers. Or Miracle Maker. *___*

Or any of the AWESOME Xros Wars music. *___*

I am very partial to X4B The Guardian. Awesome song~

And Dark Knight.

And We Are Xros Heart Ver. X7. (Of course. >_>)

Evolution and Digixros, both Kiriha's and Taiki's versions. They are SWEEEEEEET~~

Yeah, this post wasn't very important or anything, but... Yeah. ^^

And all links are to Megaupload, and yes, it's the songs. >_>

Digimon Xros Wars

Latest episode.


Hearing Midorikawa Hikaru and Sakurai Takahiro speak directly after each other is always a good thing. *nodnod*

Seriously though. If I had an enemy and he lay prone in front of me because his soul was off traveling in some MIND MAZE, I'd just stomp his body flat. Especially if I was a 10 Foot Whatever. But maybe that's just me. >o>


So I finished my second playthrough of Dragon Age 2. It was brutal. I romanced Fenris and killed Anders. >_>;; But I was amused that no one batted an eye when Fenris mega smooched my (male) Hawke before the final battle. XDD


First thought when watching Japanese gay porn shouldn't be 'JESUS BOY YOU'RE SKINNY!!'

They're Japanese. What do I expect? >_>

That's all. =/

Also. Went swimming. In the sea. In September. 8DDD I feel proud. >_>


It doesn't get much cuter than this:

Icons! :D

So, after watching the new OVA, I needed to make a few icons. :3

I think my Shiraishi bias will show, but... Anyway! ♥


The rest are here~Collapse )


Why do you look so weird, profile page?

Am I supposed to get used to that? =/



Okay. Okay. Uhm. I'll be coherent. NO I WON'T /o/!!!





I wanna play first year!Tezuka, he's ADORBS
... There need to be a first year rp period. =/




Both the Borrower Arietty and Mononoke Hime comes to Sweden? To the movies?

WELL. I'll be.

And Arietty is DUBBED. And comes to VISBY. Yeah. I will go watch this... In 60+ days when it premiers. >_>


Posted about this: guy before, right?

Ian Gallagher may be one of the best gay characters on TV yet. Why? Because he isn't gay, not stereotypically so. He's just a generally good kid who happens to be into dudes. (And I'm only commenting on the US version of Shameless, because that's the only one I've seen.)

And while we're on the gay subject. :D On my second play-through of Dragon Age 2, I created a male!Hawke, and had him pursue Fenris. When they finally got to screwing? Hawke - I've been playing him as pretty ruthless/wisecracking/pretty much a son-of-a-bitch - just pushed him up against the wall and started pawing away at him. It was goooooooood. >_> *cough*

I NEED to replay it again, with Female!Hawke, and seriously have her go for either Avaline or Isabella. Anders have to understand (even though I LOVE Anders/F!Hawke). I want to see that scene with their dynamics. >_>

First play-through: Anders/Female!Hawke. Fenris was mostly in rival territory.
Second play-through: Male!Hawke/Fenris. With Anders mostly in rival territory.


(Oh, and my dad's name was Anders. Yeah. >_> Fairly common Swedish name. >>)


In the bokurano_rp we're currently dealing with a Harry Potter world that we have tweaked a little to make it more fun/interesting for us. (Mixed the ages and stuff.)

This guy here: is the guy we (Fred player and me, the George player) use for the Weasley twins, and this girl here: is the girl the Lily Evans player use for first year!Lily.

Both these kids play siblings in the US version of Shameless, and when I learned that, I decided to download the series. And I'm currently watching it.

I. LOVE. IT. Seriously, it's been a looooooong time since I've fallen so completely for a non-fantasy live action show. *v* So I've only watched two episodes so far, but... Yeah. Complete and utter love. Party of Five meets... Well, I don't know. But I love it. Big, dysfunctional families for the win~ (Except in Shameless there is a parent present. But he's just as dysfunctional as the rest of them, so yay? XD)

Digimon Xros Wars

Episode 48.

Well. That was actually painful to watch.

Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood all mighty =/

Have I mentioned that I love Xros Wars? No? Yes? I LOVE Xros Wars~!!


Yeah, I'm so slow you won't believe it, but how utterly adorable is it that Shiraishi have a freaking IMAGE SONG dedicated (and about) Kenya? o(*v*)b ♥

As if that little skit in the Rikkai Final First myu wasn't enough for me to ship them... >_>

I don't even have a Shiraishi muse OR a Kenya muse >o> But yeah...

I still love them? ^v^ (Of all the people in Shitenhouji, I'm musing KOHARU. WUT. No, seriously. >_>)


I have just seen SeiRudYamabuki myu, second season.

And my main thoughts? First and foremost:

LOL!!! ♥

Haven't laughed this much since... Some Dream Live or the other.

And second of all... Mitsuya Ryou (current Fuji actor)... I LOVE HIM. I love his face - boy has SO many facial expressions it's HILARIOUS - even though he looks like a Gelfling, but... He has grown into his role and I LOVE IT.


Sengoku's cute as a button. (And Dan's prettiful omg)


Only this.

Dragon Age 2 - Fanfic! :0

First thing I've written in a long time... And it's femslash, go figure. This is based upon my own playthrough of the game; female warrior class!Hawke, with my own modifications to her looks and personality based on my dialog choices throughout the gameplay. Set at the end of act I. (Which is basically where I'm at right now. Currently trudging through the Deep Road. >_>)

Title: Girl Talk
Author: Gottis
Pairing: Isabela/f!Hawke
Rating: R
Summary: The night before the raid at Deep Road. Isabela seeks to unwind.
Format: Ficlet - 530 words

Girl TalkCollapse )

Dragon Age 2

So ODD hearing Balthier's voice coming from the pretty lil' elf Fenris. ^____^;; I like. >>

Yeah, been playing the game ALL DAY, seriously. /o/;;


Another fun, family filled day. :0 It was Joyce's birthday, so 'fika' (Swedish equivalent of Afternoon Tea basically) and then barbecue out in Vänge where Tommy and her have their cabin. ^.^

Here be PhotosCollapse )

Dragon Age 2

OMG THANK YOU impressioniste!!! The game arrived today ♥

And already in my party I have no men. XDD (I play a female main character.) And the initial guys are both killed off already. >>

We'll see how this goes. :D I made my warrior girl super pretty~

Digimon Xros Wars

Latest episode.

SO PRETTY I want this art director all the time plz *___*



Yeah. >.> I love this season, love it, love it, LOVE IT ♥ ♥ ♥



NISHII YUKITO (Ciel Phantomhive in the second Kuroshitsuji musical AND Watanabe Shuuya - see icon - from the movie Confessions) plays cute little Nakao Senri (little gay bouncy bouncy boy) from the remake of the Hanazakari no Kimi-tachi E drama. I am ONCE AGAIN impressed with his acting skills. He goes from Ciel (disillusioned angsty little abused chessmaster) to Shuuya (manipulative psychotic emotionally distressed creeper) to Senri (cute little uke-keet something-or-the-other.) Yeah. I love the guy.

It also helps that he's my PB face for Ushiro Jun, my MAIN muse. Yeah. /o/ ♥

Does this mean MORE icons for Jun...? .___.;;

NO.6 & Digimon Xros Wars

(lol wb LJ)

I LOVE this new anime No.6. TOTALLY UP MY ALLEY *_*

Digimon Xros Wars: ... Can't wait for the next episode. OMG~ ♥

/Hello, this is a random post.


My heart goes out to Norway. That's all.

I HATE Thunder.

Over 10 000 lightning bolts in two hours? Yeah, I can believe that. And they were so DAMN LOUD. And one lightning struck and left the entire freaking island without power for hours. >.<
I hate thunder (well, not so much the thunder, but the lightning), I hate it I hate it I hate it!!

Apparently someone drowned down at the harbor, Wednesday evening. Yeah. =/


New Detective Conan Drama series?

Tuti plays Takagi?!!

Yeah. Wow. ♥


Today was the wrap-up for this project I was semi-employed to. It ended with a small fair, plus a talent song show. (Very minor, mind, but still. :D) 17 girls (lol no boys made it to the finals) who sang a song each, and then seven of them gained some sort of prize.

It was held in S:t Nicolai (link is in Swedish, but there are pictures.) and there were a few guest performances there. For example:

Andrés Esteche


Olle Hedberg.

PLUS, a really, really nice dinner. And the kicker? Pär treated me and Marie to everything. I think I saved almost $100 there. >.>


No spoilers, just...


Harry Potter

In one hour and ten minutes I will be sitting at the cinema for the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 3D. I really can't believe it. But...

Harry Potter wasn't my childhood. I was in my twenties when I discovered it, but. I watched the first movie shortly after dad died, shortly before mom died. So, it's safe to say Harry Potter has been a very important part of my young adult life.

Thank you for the magic, you wonderful boys and girls and teachers. ♥

I'm still waiting for my letter.


Looks like this new anime No.6 is going to make me very happy. >_> The two main boys have VERY strong hints with each other. (SHIPPING ALREADY and it's only the first episode >_> Yeah. ♥) And I like the setting. /o/

Work was... A lot better than I expected for a Full Day and then some. It was actually fun. ♥


Counting down to Deathly Hallows Pt.2. >_>


Well. Work was... mildly insane today. >_>

New girl on the job. She's really sweet. And omg young! (16 years old)

And then our boss had to leave for a while. (It's the Almedalen Week right now, and it's packed with people. >_>) We have a teeny tiny coffee shop down at the University during this week. Yeah.

And our cash register ran out of paper. Of course. Neither new girl nor I knew how to change it. ... So we had to deal with the orders manually. Shouldn't be a problem, right? Wrong. Because we couldn't open up the money drawer. >.> So. No exchange. =/

Somehow we managed. IDK even know how. ~.~ And then, just before going home (after closing time) we had to sort out a bunch of strawberries gone bad. Just gonna say EWWWWWWWWW >.< I'm not even all that keen on strawberries. XD;;

Yeah, it was a fun day though. Even if it was EXHAUSTING. /o/;;


keyaki that is...

twoseekers >_>;;

New Standard Icon~

I wanted to have Tyrion. Or Arya. Or Daenerys. ... In the end, I decided on Arya, because she was the first character I took to in the books. /o/;; My Dany love comes from the TV-series. Totally. *__* But... Ah, yes. Hello. ♥

Digimon Xros Wars

No cut because this is short.

1. WTF. Higurashi distorted faces in my Digimon??

2. GIMME Gravimon/Kiriha non-con fics NOW. With the tentacles! PLZ

This episode ROCKED!! /o/


Holy CRAP you're broken, kid. >___>

omg omg omg omg

Okay, so I have really not been keeping track of Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa mada Shiranai, but...

Watching the final episode now.

I. LOVE. THE. VOICE ACTORS! *____* That much I know for certain. They're brilliant! *___*

Also. Yukiatsu throwing his arm around Jintan? It made me all fuzzy inside; their friendship! Everyone's friendship! *___*

Uh. Yeah.

Menma is still annoying and MarySue-ish and a big lolicon-bait, but...

I'm gonna continue to watch this to the end, yes.

(On another note. WOW! Got some logging done for tenicamp today! NOT A DAY TO SOON *___* God I've missed logging for that RP. My baaaaaaaaaby~! Not that it's my RP or anything, but...)


Tomoko Kawakami is dead?! T.T




I approve I approve I approve

(And you go, Yukimura! KAMI NO KO HIS ASS)


Okay. Shouldn't be too worried, but...

It's the first time either of them are away from the apartment. ._.




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