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Digimon Hunters

SO. New season of Xros Wars. Totally enjoying it so far. I like all the human kids, main characters and rivals both. As for the main characters:

Tagiru: I thought he'd be a pain after the first episode; guy's really hyper and preeeetty dense, but after five episodes I've gotta say that he's not so bad. Kind of charming, and a little bit smarter than the first impression leads you to believe.

Yuu: Yuu's definitely our pretty boy among the mains, and popular with the girls to boot. I love the subplot with him and Damemon, and it's good to see that he's not quite as OMG WHAT HAVE I DONE as atoning!Ken was in Zero Two.

Taiki: Taiki is as clever as ever, and he has matured, which makes him less of a hothead than in Xros Wars and Death Generals arc. And since he's made his way to be my most favorite goggle boy EVER this is totally a plus. ^.^

As for the rivals:

Ryoma: ... Is so the love child of Yagyuu and Niou. I swear. >o> He's very smooth and smirky and has promises of being quite badass. (And I do like his... appreciation of Taiki. *cough*)

Ren: Smug, jerkass and pretty much badass adorable. >> I totally approve of his 'I'm gonna use the shit out of you and be very smiley and 'friendly' while I do so' attitude. My fanon theory is that he's pretty poor; boy's clothes are pretty drab. (It doesn't hurt that he's voiced by Nene's/Cutemon's/Lilithmon's voice actress either. Not that you can hear it, really, but still. /o/)

Airu: Ah, our ONLY girl (wtf, really >_>) among the important human cast. She's... I thought she'd be totally annoying with her OMG CUTE WANT tendencies, but girl's badass as well. Sure, she's all OMG CUTE WANT, but she's psycho enough to make it interesting as well as SMART. Even Ryoma admits that. (And the way Opossumon gets jealous when Airu finds a digimon she thinks is cuter than her is just hilarious. >_>)

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee~~ I don't think my digimon high's gonna end anytime soon, nope. >>

Have a Ryoma icon.


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Oct. 31st, 2011 11:40 pm (UTC)
So that means Niou and Yagyuu's gonna get along really well with Ryoma in the future, even going as far as naming their kid after him. XD
Nov. 1st, 2011 05:41 am (UTC)
Yuuuuuuuuuuuup! XDD
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